16 October 2009

Question O' The Day

(Photograph copyright 2009, all rights reserved)

Wow. I'm on a roll. There are REAL answers to the Great Imponderables! This is very exciting, but now I feel the need to try and come up with things that will stump all of those smart folk out there....Hmmm. Ok, I consulted The Boy and this is his idea:

Where does all the fat go from skim milk?


  1. The fat is separated out in various stages of processing, and used in other products according to its moisture and fat content, like whey...which can be added to just about any processed food and, as I'm sure you know, is the beginning of that all important food group...cheese.

    Have you ever seen "How It's Made" on the Science Channel? Some people probably put it on when they need to take a long deep nap, but I find it fascinating. They've featured everything from marble statues, sugar, airplane landing gear, bowling balls, baseball gloves, apple juice. I think there was an ep on milk processing, but I haven't found a link to it yet.

    Anyway, both the caffeine and milk question could/would be answered in an episode of that show...if you ever have 30 minutes and don't mind your eyes glazing over just a little as you watch the machinery and rollers, check it out. I always learn something.

  2. I'll record that on my DVR this week - so I can zap through the ads. We did watch a show about the life history of a high rise tower awhile ago, which was (oh God, here comes the inadvertent pun) riveting.


  3. Love the pun.

    The voiceover on "How It's Made" has one of those drowsy monotones...but the show takes you through the making of the product in a very straightforward way. I have a healthy newfound respect for manufacturers, and the ingenuity involved in creating the machinery that accomplishes it all. You get to see people hard at work actually producing something from start to finish.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_How_It's_Made_episodes Link for a wiki that has a list of all the items featured on the show

    I'm really enjoying the new blogs here, and Question O' the Day. Thanks for writing!

  4. http://science.discovery.com/videos/how-its-made/

    another good link

    And thanks Aunt Messy! Love a good pun!

  5. I thought it went directly to my belly, thighs and ass via some sort of milk drinking phenomenon that causes me to get heavier the older I get, regardless of whether I use skim milk products or not! I guess I was wrong?

  6. And I'll add whatever doesn't get added to Smaggy's belly ends up on mine. You need to keep a little more for yourself there, Submariner. I can't afford new pants...

  7. It goes into cream which gets whipped and goes on top of my ice cream which goes on my butt which I'm sure is bigger than Smags's and Schuyler's! (well it's not so bad, 'cause you never know when I could get lost at sea and then I'll be able to survive for quite a while...)