15 April 2010

So it's Tax Day! Who cares when the sun is shining?

This morning, I put on my gym togs, planning on working up a sweat before coming home to actually accomplish something. It didn't work. I was drinking my coffee (I can't work out without that), and looking out the window and I just couldn't stand the idea of being indoors on such a gorgeous morning.

So I didn't. I trekked off through my neighborhood with my trusty camera, randomly snapping photos of ... I don't know. Everything. Nothing. Cool stuff? You be the judge. I was just having fun, here.

Magnolia.... They're everywhere.

Brown Line tracks. Yes, those ARE houses backing on to the tracks. Expensive ones, too.

Just a random architectural detail that now faces an alley. I think the alley was once a street, but it's hard to tell. There's a lot of this glazed terra cotta work around here, you just have to hunt for it.

I love these trees. They're nothing fancy, just weeping willows, but they're gorgeous, aren't they? When the leaves finish coming out, they'll be silvery.

These are just a reminder that Tax Day also means spring is here and I have proof! This is what we waited for all winter. Now everyone should go out and spend at LEAST an hour outdoors today.

(All photographs copyright 2010, all rights reserved.)