14 October 2009

MessyONE finally has a home!

Thank goodness for that. For those of you who know me from Slate's Fray, I have no intention of changing anything about what I write or the way I do it. For those that don't, beware that I am an unapologetic smart-ass who occasionally uses some blue language, because sometimes things just make more sense that way.

This is all about having the fun and poking fun at the pompous, the rude, the obnoxious, the odd....and anyone or anything that strikes me (or you!) as interesting or out of the ordinary. If you ask for my advice, you'll get it. You may not like what you hear, but it'll be as straightforward as I can make it. Keep in mind that I am NOT a counselor of any kind. Just an opinionated lady with a fair amount of life experience.

Tell me anything you want. If you see a news story, hear a rumor, want to answer a poll - just do it. I'm here.


  1. Hi MessyONE from pooham. I sent you some pics to your email. From now on I will only post here, as there really was no formal invite to send to your personal email. I do love your cat. Pooham is my other cat who bears some semblance to my id pic.

  2. We saw those photos you sent, what a cutie! Ella had a perfect black tabby "M" on her forehead until she was a year old. After that, nothing but the occasional black hair that was virtually invisible.