14 October 2009

The Question O' The Day....

The Boy (my husband, with apologies to Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail, who coined that term lo these many years ago) suggested that with all of the people out there looking, reading and observing the world in general might have some insights into the Eternal Questions.

I'm taking his advice. He's right. But then having an answer for everything and KNOWING the answer for everything are two entirely different propositions. So let me know. This is his first burning question:

Where does Barney Rubble work?


  1. I thought Barney worked at the same quarry Fred worked at. At least, I vaguely remember them carpooling home together at least once.

  2. See, this is where we all get bogged down. We see Fred driving Barney to work every day, and we see him get dropped off, but Fred is always alone in the car when he parks at the quarry.

    We THINK they both work there, but we never see them together at the quarry and we never see Barney at work, ever. It's like he disappears from 9 to 5.

  3. http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/905/in-the-flintstones-what-was-barney-rubbles-job

    I aim to please (I usually miss, but I aim!)

  4. See? I knew there was an answer, and every time I get an answer, it's a great relief to know that I'm not the only oddball out there who thinks about these things.