01 July 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Yes kids, it's Canada Day! I know it's also the Fourth of July long weekend, but since I am Canadian (for the next couple of weeks, anyway), I feel compelled to bring to you images from your Neighbor To The North. Also America's largest trading partner.

We Canadians are notorious/famous for our sense of humor, our maple syrup, poutine, media figures (Peter Jennings, Pamela Anderson, Wayne Gretzky, John Candy and a whole bunch of others, anyone?), outstanding scenery, oil, gas, um.... and a whole bunch of other stuff that drives some Americans around the bend.

For those of you who ARE Canadian and living here in the States, for the next couple of days, say words like house, louse, and mouse a lot. People either think the way we say those things is "cute" or they go slightly batty. Try it! It's fun!

So here you go. I give you this song and a few photos for the day.

No matter where you are, have a terrific long weekend!

Coastal Rain Forest, Vancouver Island.

This might LOOK like simple graffiti, but it's actually a remnant of the big fight over legalizing marijuana country-wide. Medical marijuana IS actually legal, but that doesn't mean a whole lot yet.

Queen's Park, Toronto. Yes, it's a government building which is not so very exciting, but it was a pretty day, so why not?

The east coast of Vancouver Island. I took this picture at a wharf just before we went into the fish shop to get crabs and oysters for dinner. YUMMY! And no oil spill, either! (Just sayin'.)

(All photographs copyright 2010, all rights reserved.)


  1. Great pictures, as usual. The last one reminds me of the opening credits for Gilligan's Island, but with trees.

  2. Happy C-Day, Messy!

    Lovely pics, and I thought weed was "decriminalized" there, not "legalized." Minor distinction, but the former means "the RCMP may get testy with you if they find some on you" and the latter means "TASE THAT FUCKER!!! TASE HIM!!!"

    Great pics as ever, Anselina.

  3. Queens Parks always looks better when Riot Cops are bashing peaceful protesters anyhow

  4. CoolOne - your letter was answered in the usual place. It was considerably cooler than Gilligan's Island, but I think it's much prettier. Besides, I LOVE the crab.

    Schuyler - so it's only sorta legal. I like that! I do know that in BC, the Mounties aren't bothering with anything but growing operations, and even then they have to be pretty big to warrant any attention at all.

    Peter - Shhh! Not in front of the Americans! Otherwise they might start to think that Canadians aren't as well NICE as the propaganda would tell them!