15 April 2010

So it's Tax Day! Who cares when the sun is shining?

This morning, I put on my gym togs, planning on working up a sweat before coming home to actually accomplish something. It didn't work. I was drinking my coffee (I can't work out without that), and looking out the window and I just couldn't stand the idea of being indoors on such a gorgeous morning.

So I didn't. I trekked off through my neighborhood with my trusty camera, randomly snapping photos of ... I don't know. Everything. Nothing. Cool stuff? You be the judge. I was just having fun, here.

Magnolia.... They're everywhere.

Brown Line tracks. Yes, those ARE houses backing on to the tracks. Expensive ones, too.

Just a random architectural detail that now faces an alley. I think the alley was once a street, but it's hard to tell. There's a lot of this glazed terra cotta work around here, you just have to hunt for it.

I love these trees. They're nothing fancy, just weeping willows, but they're gorgeous, aren't they? When the leaves finish coming out, they'll be silvery.

These are just a reminder that Tax Day also means spring is here and I have proof! This is what we waited for all winter. Now everyone should go out and spend at LEAST an hour outdoors today.

(All photographs copyright 2010, all rights reserved.)


  1. Thanks! The camera now lives by the door. I have a case for it that accommodates wallet, cash and keys, so I just grab it when I go.

  2. Love Love Love magnolias. How do we forget how wonderful this time of year is? It's very hard to recapture in memory, I find.

  3. Love the photos! Spring is really here...

  4. Cantahamster - That's what cameras are for! I adore magnolias and when we moved from Texas, I really missed mine. It was such a relief to find them here.

    Kati - I posted another one over on SHADDAP! I just don't have a headline yet this week.

  5. Messy, I'm reading a very interesting and weird mystery novel involving photography, incluing the history of photography. I don't know if you read it yet but if not I think you might like it.

    It's CAUGHT IN THE LIGHT by Robert Goddard.

  6. Messy, I will most definitely go spend at least an hour outside in the sunshine today! Not only am I over my cold finally, I think the mountain passes are calling me for a little drive. :D Nothing like endless hills of green to make you realize Spring is here!

  7. Corey - That's the spirit! When the sun is shining, ALL of us should get outdoors at every opportunity. After being stuck inside for most of the winter, it's a necessity.

    Remember kids, you don't make vitamin D if you're plastered with sunscreen 24/7. Doctors are recommending that for 15 minutes three times a week, we should all be outside with bare skin. No, that is NOT "guaranteed cancer" as one person told me. It's just enough.

    Wait, that's not what you meant by "bare skin" was it.

    Meanwhile, I totally agree about getting some vitamin D when you can, even 5 minutes on not freezing days when the sun is shining is good for us...